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My expectations and personal policies

Bookings information:

 Booking forms can be found under "booking". All information provided will remain between you and I since I'm an independent provider. 


My rates are non negotiable, any haggling will result in a block and no questions of "what will you do for $___?" If you cannot afford my rates, you can still get pre-screened and save up for an encounter at a later date, just mention that you are only getting screened in your booking form notes. Donations are to be paid at the beginning of an encounter to assure my peace of mind and so that you can relax without thinking about the transaction aspect. 

Tips and gifts:

Excluded from the cost of our encounter, they are not mandatory but very appreciated! My birthday is early august if you feel like getting me a birthday gift. I will not provide my personal address to receive gifts, they must be given in person or online gift cards can be emailed to emilie.spade10@gmail.com

Gift ideas:

  • Gifts cards to stores including but not limited to: LaSenza, Victoria Secret, La Vie En Rose, Simons, Coach, Yves Rocher, Honey Birdette, IKEA, Amazon, Pandora jeweller, Starbucks or Sephora.

  • Chocolate, bath/shower products, Yves St-Laurent black opium perfume, Anthropologie candles in the scent capri blue

  • Additional donations are graciously appreciated 

  • Alcohol preferences: Wild vines strawberry wine, Spumante Bambino peach flavoured, Veuve clicquot, Dom Perignon, rich red wines, sparkling rose

  • Books! I love books! Click HERE for my full book wish list, the list in not in order of preference.


I understand people get busy and things can pop up unexpectedly. I require day-before notice for a cancellation and if you contact me within that time I will ask for 50% of my rate. Same day cancellations are subject to a 100% payment of my rate. E-transfer or gift card my cancelling fee in order to be considered for any future encounters. Failure to pay within a week will result in no future chance of booking with me. 


If you had not had the chance to refresh yourself within the last hour before the start of our appointment, I request you take a shower upon arrival. My incall location has all the things you may need, sensitivities to body wash products are not an excuse and you will then be asked to provide your own in that case. Oral hygiene is also important to me and clean, cut fingernails are very appreciated for my comfort. 


Please do not text, email or tweet me immediately after submitting a form. I will get to it. I promise. Any rushed attempts will be ignored and I will work at my own pace. I understand your eagerness and excitement but I have a life of my own to attend. (Escorts sleep, crazy, I know right?!) Crude, unprofessional and creepy messages will be ignored. I do not answer calls.


I will absolutely not tolerate seeing anyone who arrives under the influence, whether it be with legal or illicit drugs. During an encounter I will only allow low percentage alcohol such as wine and beer, the use of high percentage alcohol is not accepted since drunk clients are not able to consent and may be violent. No drugs are accepted in my incall, you will be asked to leave. Even with the legalisation of marijuana in Canada on October 17th 2018, I will not allow clients showing up high or the recreational use of it in my incall location. Please respect this as it is in concern for my personal safety.