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About me


Height: 5'7

Body type: athletic and statuesque 

Top: 34DD

Bottom: M

I’m Emilie Spade, an independent companion in Canada’s capital (Ottawa, Ontario) who seeks to fulfil your desires.

I’m a tattooed, fit but curvy, open minded and well-mannered woman.


There’s a lot to my personality, to narrow it down I would describe myself as an adventurous spirit who seeks new knowledge & experiences, a bubbly girl who loves to laugh and a passionate woman who loves to please. I’m well educated on many different topics, however medical science and human sexuality are what I prioritise learning about, so I enjoy healthy debates and lengthily, deep conversations about anything! If there’s something I don’t know I’d love for you to teach me.


My goal for every encounter is to get to know you intimately including the small details; what you enjoy talking about, what makes you laugh, to remember stories you tell me and later catch up on them, the little details, the way you smile when you tell a story and many other things.


Do you prefer slow, sensual teases, me to be ready for you as soon as you walk in the door? A girlfriend experience? I enjoy discussing beforehand what we’re looking for during our reunion to fully indulge in each other while being comfortable. My services are unique to each client and the trust between you and I will grow with each visit. I’m not interested in providing a whole list to my services because I prefer to let the mystery develop the anticipation and let sessions happen naturally. Please be courteous and polite in discussion, I do not appreciate discussing explicit details and setting up a session like a script tends to turn me away.


Due to my natural switch-like personality and healthy knowledge in BDSM I am open to exploring and indulging in most kinks, teaching and practising safe BDSM which includes discussing safe words, limits and interests you would like to try out. A collection of fully sanitised glass toys is available, make sure to indicate in your booking information if you would like me to provide some.


I also offer services to women as well! I have a deep passion for the connection built between two women in intimate moments.

Until we meet,

Emilie Spade